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There so many magazines for your kids out there these days. Some of them aren't very good quality, others are as elaborate and informative as their grown-up counterparts. If you are a reader yourself chances are your child will be willing to sit down and copy your behaviour. This is when you can slip him a beautiful magazine.

A wonderfully illustrated example is National Geographic Little Kids Magazine. It is a gorgeous publication that will attract kids from ages three to six. It features exciting animal stories that will develop your child's pre-reading and reading skills and broaden his or her knowledge about the animal kingdom. Another important feature is its multicultural philosophy and numerous stories about different cultures, countries and languages. This will give your child a tolerance and understanding of difference so essential in the modern world. The idea of children reading skills development with the help of special kids magazines is supported by Childengagementconference participants.

Interactive experiments introduce simple science, fun puzzles and development games teach logic, counting, and so on. This is a beautiful journey for your little one to grow, learn and experiment. Coloring pages are also there, as well as lyrics to favourite kids' songs and rhymes. You and your child can also explore arts by using tips on crafts and hobbies, or you can avail of the recipes designed especially for young preschoolers.

This magazine offers a great range of intellectual activities for your child. Check it out and the chances are you will be coming back for more.

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New Health Section

We are happy to present a new section of our magazine devoted to children's health. The information will be very useful for kids, as well as for their parents. In the next issue of our magazine you will find interesting interview with the specialist from the well-known clinic, providing effective treatment of teeth in Toronto. The doctor will talk about the main aspects of child's dental care and provide a lot of useful tips for parents, who want to teach their children follow all the rules of oral hygiene and take care of their teeth properly. Find out more about the ways to help your child not feel toothache any more and not have problems with it in the future. More and more parents use the services of family dentist in Richmond Hill who takes care of the whole family and can prevent problems with teeth which may happen. This is even more important.

New Photo Section

Want to win a professional photo session from a well-known newborn photographer in Oakville? Send photos of your baby to our editors. The most original and funny pictures will be published on the pages of our magazine! Winners will get family photo session!

Getting Ready For The Camping

When you are preparing your kid for a camping trip, there are so many things to remember. First of all it is important to select the proper type of footwear like Hunter shoes presented in store if he/she is going to the woods, make sure that you have a sleeping bag, compass and a torch. And if all the important things are in the backpack you do not have to worry about anything!

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Little Kids Magazine

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