For fun and learning

Teaching your child to read is a crucial skill that can determine his future life for the years to come. If you want a fun way to make this happen and at the same time satisfy your childís desire to be like a grown-up you need to introduce him or her to magazines. They are a colourful and fun way to learn reading, counting and more.

Children learn best through colourful images. Listening is still a very difficult task so magazines for preschoolers are perfect to start at the youngest age and hopefully continue on in adulthood. One such beautiful publication is the Disney and Me magazine. Itís designed for ages two to six and features your kidsí favourite characters: Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and the rest of the bubbly company in the Hundred Acre Wood. Besides recognizable heroes that all children love there are many developmental activities for the young readers. Obviously there are stories for reading as well as fun and colourful comic strip series. There is also drawing, matching, counting, coloring, and best of all, a Fun to Learn pull out workbook. Facts about animal life and scientific experiments are presented in a child-friendly manner. This is a quality publication for quality time.

You will find it fun to leaf through this magazine yourself. Later you can discuss the things you read with your child and see how fast information is picked up. Good luck!

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