Teaching your child to be tolerant

In our modern world it is important to get your child to accept different cultures, mindsets and traditions. Broad-mindedness and a multicultural outlook on the world should be part of every modern childís education. Letís talk today about different ways of teaching your little one about different cultures and countries.

One great way is talking to your child. Just explain to your toddler in simple terms how people travel from different countries and that their homelands are different from your own. They wear interesting clothes, speak other languages, eat exciting foods. Support your ideas by viewing travel programs on TV or reading magazines together. There are also many exciting computer games about the different cultures of the world. Point out to your child that all people should be treated with respect regardless of the color of their skin or the accent of their speech.

If you are the bold type take your child travelling with you so he or she can experience the joys of different cultures first hand. Or better still bring a new culture right inside your home by inviting an au pair to stay with your family. This will easily make your child accept difference and celebrate it through a range of activities together. If your child grows up in tolerance and egalitarianism, you will always be proud of the person you brought into this world.

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