Facts about technologies

Nowadays children are becoming multitask-doers more and more. They can listen to music, play a video game and text on the smartphone or tablet at the same time.
Recently the next statistic facts were revealed to masses:
- At the age 10-12 children spend nearly two hours per day texting;
- At the age 12-14 years - almost 8 hours a day;
- At the age 15-18 they spend more than 11 hours per day.

Nowadays doctors are sure that these statistic data leads to the facts that:
- Kids are becoming much dumber;
- Kids are becoming more self-oriented;
- Kids care much less about other people around them.

Hopefully, after reading these facts you would think of your children's addictions to technologies and try to limit their usage to a maximum of two hours daily (homework is not included into these numbers).

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