Kids health: how to effectively fight with acne in teens

Occurrence of pimples is a problem primarily familiar to adolescents, although adults may suffer from this disease too. Unsightly red bumps and even nodules with a pus are called the acne. It is a disease of the sebaceous glands, to be exact - their inflammation.

The mechanism of pimples occurrence
When the amount of the sebaceous gland secretion increases, the duct of the gland gets sealed with a plug formed as a result of keratin (the main building material of a hair) particles sticking to a sebum. Since the process of cells division in the gland continues, and the outflow of secretion is deteriorated due to keratin plugs, the gland begins to overflow. Sebum, trapped in the gland attracts bacteria living on the skin surface and in the sebaceous glands of any person. As a rule, there is no enough food for their active reproduction and bacteria do not bring any harm, but clogged sebaceous gland becomes an ideal food source for them. As a result, bacteria begin to proliferate. The immune system responds to the emergence of a large colony of bacteria with an inflammatory process. This disease is effectively treated with the help of laser. Read more how laser treatment helps in eliminating nail fungus.

The main cause of acne is increased sensitivity of the sebaceous glands. There are receptors on their surface sensitive to male sex hormones - androgens. If the number of these receptors or their sensitivity to hormone increases, the activity of sebocytes division in the sebaceous gland also increases. The sensitivity of the receptors is genetically determined. That is why it is important to address the issue of treatment to endocrinologist as self-taken attempts of their hormonal treatment do not often bring any results.

How to fight
One of the most common methods to combat acne is to squeeze them. Some cosmetology salons even provide services for deep facial cleansing, which supposedly helps in getting rid of pimples forever. However, non of these procedures do not affect the process of new pimples formation. The only effective and save method is laser treatment of affected skin surface.

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