The first steps to take if your child caught a cold

Clod and coughing are reflex acts that are triggered by irritation of respiratory tract. Very often, they play a useful role and is not a symptom which must be treated. In winter, flues and colds (both are caused by viruses) are the main reasons responsible for cough. High fever (39-40 degrees C) and dry cough, which may persist for some days, are signs indicating that it might be a case of flu. However, in cold weather, coughing attacks are much shorter. Sore throat, stuffy nose, chills; headaches etc. may be symptoms of cold. If your child is not suffering from any chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney, liver, heart), then homemade remedies are sufficient. If cold lasts for many days then it is advised to consult a telehealth clinic.

In general make your child drink more water to counter cold. If the cold is manifested by fever and vomiting, it is important to make the body fetch as much liquid fluid as possible and the most effective liquid is water. We should not be scared of fever. It is a normal reaction of the body's defence. At 40 degrees Celsius body temperature, viruses may and die automatically. Fruit juices are also beneficial to your child suffering from cold. As he is sick, stay him away from caffeine-based drinks because they dehydrate the body. Instead, you can prepare herbal teas for him. You can tell if your child is properly hydrated after checking the colour of the urine. When it is pale yellow or almost no colour means that your child has enough fluids. If dehydration is severe due to vomiting, fever or diarrhoea then, seek advice from a telehealth clinic.

Prepare soup and scrambled eggs with garlic for your child. Traditional chicken soups are nutritious and decongestions airways. Chicken Soup made from yard has amino acids and helps the body to produce antibodies. It is better to serve it hot, because of the vapours. It is also recommended to eat onion, garlic and leeks because they have much allicin, an antimicrobial substance. You can try and scrub eggs, made in the pan, you put the pieces of garlic, chopped. Add parsley as they are rich in vitamin C. Take warm showers. Hot showers (Turkish baths) relaxes the body and steamy bathroom decongestions the nasal passages. It is advisable to use salt in the water. Finally, you could use a massage soundly with alcohol or vinegar or fifteen minutes of sauna. Mitigated massage sore muscles. Sauna release of toxins, but it is not recommended if the child has fever. If things do not improves then you are advised to take help from a telehealth clinic.

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William Hogan, independent health blogger, about Medeo telehealth clinic in Montreal.

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