Laser technology helps in getting rid of fungus on the nails

The complexity of nail fungus treatment is that all external remedies do not penetrate the nail plate. Therefore, systematic tablet formulations are prescribed to treat the disease. But systemic therapy has a downside - it is the toxicity of drugs, especially when months are required for effective treatment. A new method has recently appeared - laser treatment of onychomycosis.

The principle of laser treatment of nail fungus is based on deep heating of not only the nail, but its zone of growing (the matrix). After being exposed to the heat, mycelium and spores of fungi die, then laser heat stimulates the growth of the nail plate and its full restoration. Neodymium laser heats the tissue deeply without damaging the surface of the nail or skin. This laser has received the certificate of FDA (American licensing system in the field of medical equipment and medicines) for the use in treatment of onychomycosis in children.

Benefits of laser therapy: no need to take tablet formulations, no toxic effect on the body, no side effects. Read more tips about nail fungus treatment in kids.

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