Why music must be taught in schools and kindergartens

Art and music are older than science. Man has played music when he even did not know how to measure and calculate, could not find the cause of natural phenomena, could not cultivate the land, build ships and cross the sea. Music in ancient times was the center of feelings and thoughts, the mean of communication between people. Human mental skills over centuries formed within the art of music. Civilization has recognized an outstanding role of music in the development of the human brain. The ancient Greeks talked about the harmony of the celestial spheres, they believed that the music sounds in space and expresses its laws. Without the understanding of music it is impossible to understand the nature. In the European medieval music along with astronomy and geometry was among the major sciences. The mankind has never separated the music from thought, considering it a part of thinking and to some extent its source. Thinking and mental operations - comparison, establishing relationships, decomposition into parts - all these organically presents in the music.

All studies in recent decades converge in one thing: music stimulates the brain and helps people to overcome difficulties. Studies show a beneficial effect of music on the intellectual growth of children. Music stimulates brain activity in general: music lessons optimize brain function, and it affects in a positive way performing most diverse mental work. Listening to music, its composition and execution require constant exchange of information between the cerebral hemispheres. Music helps in building analytical thinking skills, as of all kinds of arts the music is the most abstract and structured. Making music, it's easier to develop thinking skills that are so needed for any mental work.

Those parents who understand the role of music in child's development, will have more reasons to be proud of their child than parents who consider music an idle and futile occupation. Music is the best teacher, it presents a ready knowledge and learns to think.

There are many professions where you need to respond to the testimony of many devices simultaneous, instantly accumulating information from different sources and then make a decision. To be able to think in multi channel, make appropriate decisions and implement them, we must, above all, do not strain. Music relieves muscle tension. Control over complex movements requires less energy from musicians. Those children, who develop their musical talents will always have better results in their school studying. By means of music the child develops and trains his mathematical skills.

Widespread introduction of music education - in kindergarten, in school, in college and at any level - will allow each person to discover and maximize their abilities and reveal hidden talents.

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