How to prevent the occurrence of acne in adolescents

Despite the fact that the level of secretion of the glands is predetermined genetically, acne can be prevented through risk factors reduction. First of all, you should reduce the intake of substances that provoke an increase of sebaceous glands secretion.

The main foods that provoke acne are:
- large amounts of spicy and salty foods
- sugar and chocolate
- nicotine and other toxic chemicals formed in tobacco smoke
- alcohol

This is another reason why teenagers should refrain from drinking and smoking, but the factor of hygiene in the prevention of acne is far from leading. Bacteria will live on the skin surface in any case, no matter how carefully a person washes.

A note for the parents
Acne depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin. It is genetically determined, but the risk of acne can be reduced if to choose the right cosmetics and give up alcohol, smoking and foods that provoke increased secretion of the sebum.

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