How to prepare a healthy breakfast for your child in 5 minutes

It is always good to start the day with something healthy. When you are preparing breakfast for your child, make sure that it is nutritive but do not ignore your child's preference either. If he requests something to be made on a particular day and it is not healthy, do not decline to his wish straight away instead prepare it in a healthy way and try to make him ware of the advantages of healthy diet. One such quick and easy to make breakfast meals is as simple as a glass of milk or juice. If your kid does not like plain milk, add some energy drink in it. Eggs too are quick to make, either boiled or like omelette and the have got lots o proteins as well. Sprouts are really great and can be made delicious when mixed with fruits and vegetable in the right way. All these dishes will hardly take a few minutes to be prepared and they are going to be great to start your kid's day!

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