How to prevent nail fungus in kids

Every parent must remember that it is much easier to take timely measures to prevent fungus occurrence in kids than to treat a disease. Most often the disease develops on a big toenail of a year-old child. In this regard, the footwear should be spacious enough and should be made of materials of natural origin. If your child attends a municipal pool, shower or bath, he/she must wear rubber slippers that will prevent the development of fungus infection on the feet. There is no need to talk that a child must never put on someone else's shoes that will help a child not to get infected. Remember that nail care items (clippers and nail files) are designed for individual use only. Read more tips on fungus laser treatment in kids.

Shoes with insoles need to be periodically treated with special disinfectants. It is important to know that the infection may also develop around the nail on the hand of a child and be aware of the fact that manifestations of the disease differ significantly from the manifestations in adults. The nail does not change its shape, but the surface turns rough and starts to suppurate. Besides hyperkeratosis may develop under the nail plate. The color is not changed, but stripes and even spots of yellow or brown color might appear on the surface of the nail if it is infected by fungus. It is not necessary to put the shoes on baby's bare feet. It is very important to thoroughly dry the feet with a towel after taking a bath. This step also helps in preventing disease occurrence.

Some words about everyday care. Pediatrists recommend to wash kids feet and change the socks every day. Then the feet must be thoroughly wiped ant treated with anti-fungal cream. Another important step is to strengthen the body's immune system. You can avoid the infection if to follow these simple tips. All of them can be easily implemented by parents themselves at home. If your kid still got infected, you should immediately consult a doctor and start laser treatment as it allows you to reduce the time required for complete curing.

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