National Geographic Little Kids Magazine regular sections:

  • Etiquette - instructive tales about good behavior. Rules of Etiquette: How to behave at a party, what it means to be a polite person, how to greet, receive, and present gifts?

  • Health - how to maintain your teeth. Everything about personal hygiene and dental care. Here you can find contacts of reliable family doctor Delta

  • Learning the world - information on geography and history, famous travelers and explorers. The customs and tradition of different countries and nations.

  • Safety - The Child Magazine for Kids is a true friend of every family. That is why we pay a lot of attention to such an important aspect of life, as security. How to deal with the gas, where to call in case of fire.

  • Holidays and Vacation - plan and organize the best vacation for your children with the help of tips provided by our editors. Find information on Summer camp for kids and many other vacation places that are created for children of all ages!

Also find a section related to financing options. Many of us are facing some urgent teeth care procedures or any other unplanned activities that cost much. Discover bad credit loans for kids care in Ottawa and find the best conditions.

We help young mothers to be prepared for any emergency. Every kid is exposed to sudden traumas and scratches. That is why be ready with medical supplies bought online at store with a delivery across Canada. Check the vast assortment of medical products, skin care and wound treatment supplies and fulfill your medicine box with all important medical products.

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