Useful and simple dishes to cook with children

It is always a challenge for a mother to prepare a food which is not only tasty but at the same time nutritive for the kids. At time nutritive food is not to good to eat and kids are very particular about their taste. If they do not like something they will not care how much time you spend with the spatulas to prepare the dish, they will just refuse to eat or if forced then they will eat it with a bad mood. You will not like that to happen. Therefore, read this article to know how to deal with such a situation.

The best way to ensure that your child enjoys what you make and he still eats what you would like him to eat would be to act smart. Before you start working with spatulas and other appliances present in the kitchen, try to learn what does your child loves to eat. Ask him straight that what he would like to eat today. If he says pizza or burger or anything similar do not discourage him or start preaching that it will make him fat or these food are not good for health. Instead prepare them in a healthy way. Try to add small amounts or vegetables in the pizza and make it more nutritive. Follow the same policy with burger too. Do it smartly so that the taste still remains and the food still has a nutritive value.

Always remember it is not the food item but the recipe and the style of making that matter. The name of the dish will remain the same but you can always change or smartly alter its recipe and make it healthier for your child. In this way, he will be able to enjoy his favourite food and you will also get rewarded for the all the effort that you made with your spatulas! Also try to make your child aware of the importance of the health and encourage him to eat healthy food. Do not preach too much but make sure that you make enough efforts to make him aware of advantages of being happy. You can always find his favourite sportsperson or models who have some great eating habits and present them as an example. Your child is likely to get impressed and more influenced when he comes to know that someone whom he admired also eat sprouts and exercises regularly. Then you can prepare those recipes while keeping them tasty!

Author's bio for the article:

Stanley Massey, well-know baker, provides easy recipes of tasty dishes that you can try to make with your children. Read author's tips to learn how to choose spatulas for cooking and baking needs.

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