Choose the best stories about animals for junior school pupils

Today's children do not like reading much, but the habits of our younger brothers - that is what may be really interesting fun for junior school pupils. As a rule children read books and magazines about animals with pleasure.

I doubt whether you will find a kid who does not ask the parents to buy a pet - a puppy, kitten, turtle at worst. Although kids do not know how to care of the pets, how to create them comfortable living conditions, and books may help with this. It is good that children are interested in our younger brothers ways of life. Sensitivity and kindness can be easily raised in a little man through the care of the animals. If the parents do not have the possibility to allocate a room for another family member, it is quite possible to make a kid understand that a man does not live alone on earth through the stories about animals. Choose books of good writers, read together with your children - it is always interesting for little students. Children are always happy to listen to the stories about animals.

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