Main symptoms of fungal infection in kids

The diagnosis of onychomycosis in kids is complicated by the fact that obvious, visible symptoms of nail fungus in children can be detected too late. The initial stage of the disease is often insidious.

Nail fungus symptoms are the following:
- nail plate severely changes its shape
- the fingertips may be affected initially - they may redden and swell without an apparent reason
- nail plates become thinner and start to exfoliate and crumble
- color of the nail plates changes - they turn yellow, white, gray and in the end become green and black
- on the last stage the nail plate gets thickened and destroyed.

The fungus affects the entire nail - until destroys it completely. The infection quickly and easily moves to the neighboring fingers and nails of a child and affects skin areas near the source of infection. Once the diagnosis is made, you should immediately contact a doctor: the treatment of nail fungus in children will be more effective if it is started on time. Read how to prevent nail fungus.

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