Technology and Children: Interesting Facts

Toronto College of Technology decided to show you that even if you have a very small child it does not mean that he or she is not in the world wide web. Here are some facts proving that your child is already online:

1. In 2010 there was a study about the Internet security. The security company has proven that most children, e.g. 92 percent in the USA, have their "online footprint" even before they turn two. It begins when their parents decide to post the pictures of their children in social networks and on the web-sites.

2. The same investigation proved that babies born from mothers below 35 years tend to know how to use technologies (iPhones, computers, video games, etc.) much more that those who are born from older women. Moreover, the latter teach their children to read, write or ride a bicycle much more often.

3. Interaction through technologies tend to develop children's social skills and role distribution. People who work in Toronto College of Technology tested their children for the communication skills and confirmed the results of the investigation made in 2011 by AVG.

4. Access to technologies should be very limited to small children. It is strongly advised to limit the usage of electronic devices like computers, TV, phones and tablets to children under five. The approximate safe time of using the devices is no more than an hour per day. Such limits help to control the child and bring more activities and sports into his or her life for better physical and mental development.

5. For limiting the usage of the electronic devices it is advised to use parental controls. This can be done with the help of passwords on smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and even TVs. Moreover, you can limit the usage of the Internet by your child to save his or her mental health from inappropriate content.

Ginger Pittman a mother who heard about these facts during a lecture about children in Toronto College of Technology and now wants to share her experience with other parents.

Here we have some more useful fact to consider about technologies.

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